The Great Seafarer

I’m a seafarer and I’m away a thousand miles…


As your lover, I wanna be the reason of your smiles,

But a seafarer? I’m away a thousand miles,

I’m so sorry, I can’t always make you happy,

But I can be loyal, I’ll be yours faithfully.

Loyalty is my offer, would that be enough?

Will you be patient? And wait ’til I come back?

Yes, I’ll be back, but again, i’m gonna be leavin’,

Will you keep the faith? And believe it’s worth fightin’.?

“I’m gonna marry you”, how perfect it may sound,

I shall be your husband, but ain’t always be around,

How ironic, we’ll tie the knot of eternity, 

Yet.. you’ll be alone in times of adversity.

I can give you a child, and be a good provider, 

But I can’t promise I’ll be an ideal father,

You’ll raise the kids alone, yes, that maybe is true,

But When I come home, promise, I’ll make it up to you,

I’m sorry, I can’t give you a perfect family,

 But I shall lessen our problems about money.

We will travel, we’ll build our house elegantly.. We’ll buy a car, live a life more conveniently,

Soon, when the kids grow up, they’ll have lives of their own,

I will stop working, I will stay with you at home,

When that day comes, I promise never to leave you again.

‘Til death do as part, I’ll be the best husband, your best friend..

My only prayer is that I won’t die while I am away,

if that happens, I will ask the Lord if I could stay.

I’ll be your guardian angel so I can protect you,

That’s the least I can do for everything you’ve been through…


You are NOT just a seafarer!! 💪

As my lover, you are the reason of my smiles,

But as a seafarer? You are away a thousand miles,

Don’t be sorry, you can still make me happy,

Just be loyal, I’ll be yours faithfully,

Your loyalty, for me is so much enough,

I’ll be patiently waiting til you come back,

Please be back, it’s fine with me if again you gotta be leaving,

I’ll keep the faith and believe it’s all worth fighting,

“I will marry you”, your promise, how perfect it might sound,

I wanna be your wife, even you can’t always be around,

How ironic, we’ll tie the knot of eternity,

Yet I’ll be alone in times of adversity,

I wanna be the mother of your children if ever,

You may not be an ideal father but a good provider,

I will raise our kids alone, yeah, it may be true,

You’ll make it up to us when you come home, I know,

Don’t be sorry if you can’t give me a perfect family,

I know we can depend on you in terms of money,

You only want to provide us a such luxury,

Give us what we dream of, no matter how expensive it may be,

Soon, when our kids grow up, they’ll have lives of their own,

You will stop working, and stay with me home,

When that day comes, please promise you won’t leave me again,

‘Til death do us part, be my husband, and my dear bestfriend,

I always pray that God may keep you safe while you are away,

Coz I can’t bear the pain, if something happens to you one day,

Please oh Lord, He may protect you from harm,

Come back to me soon and give me a hug so warm!

Nothing to be sorry for, coz YOU ARE M​Y GREAT SEAFARER! 😘

Dead Man Tell Sad Tales

…I’m enslaved by life just like a tail…

I will weep inside and lock the door,

For the life is dark and full of terror,

Life that has no meaning and full of mourning, 

Just couldn’t keep myself on living,

Slash myself with a blade and keep on screaming.
Have had enough, I wanna rest,

I gave up now; it’s all a mess,

My decision might be the best,

By killing myself coz there’s no light,

Unless there would be someone to bring me back to life.
I’m alive but feel so invisible,

wanna change my life, but no, it’s evadable, it’s miserable,

I’m alive but feel so dead,

It might feel better to be dead,

To feel nothing,

To look for nothing,

And to be nothing.

I’m enslaved by life, 

Just like a tail,

I am alive but also a dead that tell tales,

A dead that tell SAD tales.